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This site is dedicated...

...to our fundamentalist christian buddy Jon Huhn who inspired this work by his honest and persistent pursuit of the truth where ever it may lead.

...to all the dedicated educators who are fighting the well-organized forces attempting to subvert the teaching of science. Hopefully this site will provide support and arguments, demonstrating by the most fundamental techniques the basis of evolutionary research.

Sincere thanks are also offered to Mario Dimaggio who encouraged us to create this site and contributed many great images.


All images are copyrighted as noted. All other images are believed to be in the public domain. Please advise if you believe otherwise.
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Please help us find more great relevant images that fairly represent reality.

There are 1,500 animal species that live only in lake Bikal in Siberia. How is that explained by the Flood myth?

Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea

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