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Seeing is believing...
...so here is visual evidence related to evolution. The images represent reality.

Creationism is based on a literal interpretation of the bible. All creation "science" is focused on validating the biblical account of creation. There are many religious creation myths, but no credible evidence to substantiate any of them by scientific standards. Every argument used by creationists to contest generally accepted scientific facts is either inconsistent or an outright fraud. One can accept the bible on faith, but don't advocate it be taught as "science" alongside mainstream science.

Creationists often claim a "conspiracy" among mainstream scientists or "Darwinists" to preserve evolutionary theory. Trying to get scientists to agree on anything is like herding cats. Every scientist's dream is to find credible evidence that runs counter to a broadly accepted theory. Real scientists view their own and every other scientist's work with great skepticism, lest they be made to look foolish by promoting an idea that may be refuted by evidence produced by competing scientists.

As for "Intelligent Design," it is just "creationism in a cheap tuxedo." For a scathing critique, read U.S. District Judge John Jones' ruling against a Pennsylvania school district.



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