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Noah's flood?

Simple questions for an extraordinary hypothesis.

How could all saltwater fish survive the flood? Some fish were killed by the "violent action of the flood" is used to explain the abundance of fish fossils. But if the flood was violent enough to kill the fish, why are many fossils preserved in such detail?
Where did all the fresh water come from? Where did it go? If the flood created the ubiquitous sedimentary rock layers, why are the fossils contained in the layers sorted by age across continents? If man and dinosaur lived at the same time, why is there not one human fossil found in the same strata a dinosaurs? How does the flood explain the existence of living species (kangaroos, koalas, that exist only in Australia, and are not in the fossil record on any other content?
If the sedimentary strata were formed by the great flood, why are there many igneous rock formations interspersed between sedimentary strata? If dinosaurs were contemporary with biblical humans, couldn't there be more in the bible than a vague reference to leviathan and behemoth?    




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